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BG Pups Releases Three New Handwound Humbucker Pickup Models

BG Pups Releases Three New Handwound Humbucker Pickup Models


BG Pups Handwound Pickups, a Northern California maker of handmade, handwound electric guitar pickups is proud to announce the release of three new humbucker pickups. Many hours of development have gone into these new models, along with top quality custom parts to achieve their sweet new tones.

The first model set is called “Smoke Stacks.” This set is similar to the BG Bucker neck and BG Dark bridge but has more grit and attitude. They still have nice openess and split very well. This set is wired 4 conductor for splitting, uses an Alnico 4 magnet and is lightly potted. Great for rock, southern rock, blues and country.

The next is called “P.U.F.” This set is the most vintage-sounding set BG Pups makes. They are modeled off the classic PAF tone. The neck is warm with nice bloom, great cleans, and creamy lead tones. The bridge has that classic crunch with lots of definition and cuts nicley. This set is wired with single conductor vintage braided wire, uses an Alnico 4 magnet and is unpotted. Great for rock, blues, country and jazz.

Last is a neck pickup called “Lizard”. This is the warmest cleanest pup BG makes. Great for any type of music using clean tones, it's warm, fat and buttery. Does chord work as well as it does leads. Very creamy when distortion is added. This one can be wired either 4 conductor or vintage, and uses an Alnico 2 magnet. These are lightly potted but can go unpotted for those who want it vintage style.

All sets are available in black, zebra, or reversed zebra-colored bobbins.

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