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Beta Monkey Music Releases Double Bass Mania for GarageBand

Beta Monkey Music Releases Double Bass Mania for GarageBand


Apple's GarageBand just got a whole lot heavier with the release of Beta Monkey Music's Double Bass Mania Apple Loops collection. Covering a wide range of tempos and groove styles, Double Bass Mania for GarageBand was inspired by classic and modern metal drum tracks. Aggressive, hard-hitting, and flat-out blistering, Double Bass Mania is only designed for metal and hard rock songwriting.

Double Bass Mania offers 13 different groove folders dedicated to double kick-fueled rhythms: blastbeats, classic 80's metal 16th note and 16th note triplet grooves, mid-tempo nu-metal riffs, broken triplet grooves, and flurry after flurry of fills. There are over 1000 double bass grooves, groove variations, fills, one shots, and single hit samples.

All loops are optimized for Apple Loops compatible software such as Garageband, GarageBand 2, Soundtrack and Logic 7/Express 7.

For more information, visit their web site at

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