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Beta Monkey Introduces New Groove Construction Kits

Beta Monkey Introduces New Groove Construction Kits


April 26, 2004

Beta Monkey Music has announced the latest addition to its drum loop library. Groove Construction Kits: Acoustic Drum and Cymbal Samples features five sampled recording drum kits, with nearly 900 (595 MB) individual drum and cymbal hits.

The recorded drum sets in this collection include drums from DW, Pearl, Tama, and Yamaha with cymbals from Sabian and Zildjan. The sample CD-ROM is designed for groove construction across a wide variety of genres and styles including rock, pop, R&B, drum & bass, world beat and more. Designed for songwriters and producers alike, Groove Construction Kits features multiple-velocity hits of all drum, cymbal and percussive elements, making the samples highly playable, expressive, and authentic

.Feature Summary:

  • 894 (595 MB) multi-velocity .WAV samples
  • Five distinct groove construction kits
  • Cymbal Samples: HH, rides, crashes, splashes, chinas
  • Supplemental acoustic kick and snare samples
  • 16 bit and 24 bit stereo samples

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Groove Construction Kits: Acoustic Drum and Cymbal Sample CD is available now.

For more information, visit their web site at www.betamonkeymusic.com

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