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Bass Players Get More Powerful Roland Cube Combo


July 23, 2004

Roland's new Cube-100 Bass bass amp is compact enough for home practice, but at has enough power to drive bass lines through band rehearsals and live gigs thanks to its 100 watts of amplification.

The Cube-100 Bass's lineup of eight COSM amp models includes the all-new Octave Bass, an octaver for producing the heavyand low bass sounds, and “Super Flat,” which delivers a clear, tone across a wide frequency range. Once you've chosen the amp model of choice, route it through the Cube-100 Bass's digital effects, including EFX (chorus/flanger/T-Wah) and independent delay/reverb. Optional footswitches can be connected for controlling effects on/off.

Connect directly to PA mixers through the Cube-100 Bass's DI Out and Line Out jacks. You can also interface with larger external speaker cabinets through the Ext Speaker output jack. When the Cube-100 Bass is connected to an external speaker, its internal amp models and effects can still be accessed while gaining more power through the larger speakers. It also has a Tuner Out jack for convenient tuner connection. Lest we forget about the studio — the Cube-100 Bass's Phones/Recording Out jack, plus its variety of amp models, make it a great choice for recordingapplications as well.

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