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Backbeat Books Publishes New Title on Loop-Based Music Production


August 19, 2004

Backbeat Books' newest addition to the Power Tools series, Power Tools: Software for Loop Music, explores the creative and technical aspects of loop-based composition, helping musicians to master this form.

An opening chapter of this essential guide serves as a sampling primer, explaining elements of sound quality, common sampling pitfalls, editing techniques, and loop arrangement tools. Once readers are up to speed, they will gain vital information on the most popular software tools and techniques such as audio engineering, sampling, sound design, mixing, and live performance. Every chapter offers tips and tricks that professionals use to make the most of their loop libraries, and there's an indispensable section on the legal aspects of sampling that explains the process of licensing existing recordings step-by-step.

Readers can apply these lessons immediately with the included CD-ROM, which contains demo and lite software versions of many of the tools discussed (in both Mac OS and Windows versions). As a bonus, the CD-ROM also offers over 250 megabytes of license- and royalty-free loops and samples in a variety of musical styles sure to get music manipulators' creative juices flowing and their music looping.

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The author, remixer and composer Francis Preve, is an expert in synthesis, engineering, and production. A contributing editor for Keyboard magazine since2000, he has also written for EQ, Electronic Musician, and Music and Computers.

Price: $24.95, ISBN: 0-87930-800-1.

For more information, visit their web site at www.backbeatbooks.com

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