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"Baby Blue" by BlackRue

“Baby Blue” by BlackRue


I purchased a Tascam 2488 digital recording machine in 2006. Besides going into a recording studio and paying to record music, my only hands on experience was multi tracking with tape.

It was a challenge learning the new technology but over time and reading the instructions over and over again, I started getting it.

I am by no means an expert at this and my attention span can be short but I love creating music and recording with the Tascam system. It alows us to be creative without it costing money in the recording studio.

At this point the recording studio is located in the garage portion of the barn studio I have built. It's just a regular garage with concrete floors and does not have any improvements made to make it into a good studio. The real studio is under construction at this point.

As far as the recording process goes, we record the drums first. We use drum and condensor microphones. Our drummer plays the song freestyle by himself. Next we record the rythm guitar and a rough vocal track. We just lay all the tracks down using Shure sm70's on the amps and record the vocals with a condensor microphone. It's a tedious process but it's free!

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Mixing the music is a process for me and my ears can get burned quickly making the mix sound lousy. It's a lot of work and I respect the people who have aquired the skill to do this.

At this point it's a lot of trial and error, educating myself using sites like this and constant reading about the subject.

I do have an understanding about how normal studios operate and the studio that I am building is much more efficient then the process that I just described.

Further information is available at www.BlackRue.com

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