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B1/1 Carved Top Added to Baker Lineup for 2005

B1/1 Carved Top Added to Baker Lineup for 2005


Baker Guitars has announced a new B1/1 Carved Top model for 2005, featuring a deep set neck tenon and a 3/4″ solid flamed or quilted carved top and a solid mahogany body.

The B1/1 will be slightly different than the original in that it will be a slimmer, lighter, easier to wield guitar. There will be a choice of a 22 or 24 fret fingerboard, Gold Hardware, Tone Pros Bridge, Seymour Duncan Proprietary “Black Back” Pickups hard mounted and a matching flamed or quilted headstock. It can be ordered with Ebony or Rosewood Fingerboard.

The guitar will come with a volume and 2 tone controls. The tone controls will be the push pull style of pot allowing the player to switch. Also included will be body, neck & headstock binding, Buzz Feiten Tuning and Grover Tuners.

List price: $1,195.00.

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