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B-Band Launches Line of Drum Mics

B-Band Launches Line of Drum Mics


At the 2005 Musikmesse show, B-Band introduced all-new microphones for drums. The B-Band DM drum system is the first drum system for the manufacturer.

The DM system consists of the DST (Drum Shell Transducer), which is made of the same unique Emfit electret material, and a DM series preamp. The DST is an ultra-light, thin and flexible mic that mounts to the drum shell with tape at the back of the mic.

There are three different DM series preamps: the DM-S with XOM for snare, DM-T for rack and floor toms and the DM-K for kick. They are small lightweight structures that mount at the rim of the drum and secured there with a standard drum tension rod. The preamps have a XLR output and are powered from any mixer that can supply phantom power. The DM-S has a mini plug input for an additional dynamic or condenser microphone and when used is combined with the DST using the B-Band XOM (cross-over- mix) circuit.

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The B-Band DM preamps each have four mini switches with selectable features. The DM-S with XOM has switches for 9-volt power to the mini plug input, external mic disable, mid boost and high cut. The DM-T has switches for bass boost, 330 Hz boost, 500 Hz cut, and 4K Hz cut. The DM-K has bass boost, 330 Hz boost, 500 Hz cut, 4K Hz boost.

MSRP (not including VAT):

  • DM-S / DST – 269.80 EURO
  • DM-T / DST – 239.80 EURO
  • DM-K / DST – 239.80 EURO
  • DM-PACK (includes 1 DM-S; 3 DM-T, 1 DM-K, 5 DST) – 898.00 EURO

For more information, visit their web site at

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