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AxeTrak Offers Quiet Recording of Cranked Amps

AxeTrak Offers Quiet Recording of Cranked Amps


June 11, 2004

Jeff Harris, owner and engineer of JLH Products, has created a new
device for guitarists and bassists called the AxeTrak Professional Guitar

This device captures the mic'd sound of any high gain overdriven or distorted
amp. Unlike many other devices used for recording overdriven guitar tones,
the AxeTrak does not use digital signal processing or amp modeling to create
it's tone. The AxeTrak uses a special high-end driver and is 100% analog.

The main feature of this device is that now any guitarist can quietly record
their live guitar setup just by plugging their guitar amplifier into the AxeTrak.
The AxeTrak is small and easy to use – simply connect the speaker jack of any
overdriven guitar amp to the input jack of the AxeTrak. This 8-ohm input can
handle up to 100 Watts RMS. The XLR output connects to the impedance matching
transformer and then directly to a recording console, mixing board, or computer
soundcard. No power source is required.

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JLH Products also offers a bass version of the AxeTrak, identical apart from
a different driver to better handle bass frequencies and a green LED instead
of red that's found on the guitar version to visually differentiate the two

Both the guitar and bass versions of AxeTrak are available now direct from
the manufacturer for $339 plus shipping.

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