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Avlex Introduces MA-101a Wireless Portable PA System

Avlex Introduces MA-101a Wireless Portable PA System


Avlex Corporation announces the introduction of the Mipro MA-101a wireless portable PA system featuring an ultra-compact, lightweight form factor. The MA-101a is a UHF True Diversity, PLL (phase-locked loop for feedback control) system with 16 selectable frequencies plus automatic channel scan and targeting capability.

It is available in two versions—one with a wireless handheld microphone (MA-101a/ACT-707HE), the other with a body pack transmitter for use with Mipro’s headworn and lavalier microphones or the MU-40GX instrument cable (MA-101a/ACT-707TE). The Scan function automatically searches the local RF environment, identifies and then locks the receiver onto an available, interference-free frequency. Mipro's proprietary Automatic Channel Targeting function then provides rapid and precise setup of the transmitter/wireless microphone to the same channel, at which point the system is ready for use. The MA-101a is driven by a 30-watt internal amplifier—enabling the system to accommodate crowds upward of 400 people. The Line In jack accepts input from portable CD/MP3 music players or other line level sources. A Line Out jack facilitates hookup to an external recorder or sends the signal to a larger PA. Provides up to 8 hours of continuous operation per charge from its built-in rechargeable battery.

The MA-101a carries a MSRP of $725.00 for the handheld microphone version (MA-101a/ACT-707HE) and $700.00 for the version with the body pack transmitter (MA-101a/ACT-707TE).

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