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AudioUnit Manager for OS X Organizes Your Plug-Ins

AudioUnit Manager for OS X Organizes Your Plug-Ins


May 25, 2004

Granted Software announced the immediate availability of AudioUnit
Manager 1.0 for Mac OS X, providing the ability to create subsets of AudioUnits
to be loaded with particular host applications.

AudioUnit Manager provides a simple way to organize AudioUnits into sets so
users can load just the AudioUnits they need for a particular application.
This can mean accelerated application launch times and exclusion of incompatible
AudioUnits for some hosts. AudioUnit Manager's command line option makes it
possible to select a set in an AppleScript before launching an AudioUnit host.
AudioUnit Manager also makes tedious trial by error troubleshooting easier
by allowing simple disabling of an AudioUnit.

The product is available as a download directly from Granted Software and
is “donationware”.

For more information, visit their web site at

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