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Audiotech Guitar Products Announce Convertible Source Selector 1X6 to 1X4 Option

Audiotech Guitar Products Announce Convertible Source Selector 1X6 to 1X4 Option


Audiotech Guitar Products makers of guitar effects pedals and handy switching devices for musicians, have announced their Source Selector 1X6 Rack Mount Switching Unit (used for switching between wireless units, amps, and guitars) can now be converted at the factory into a 4 way switcher, thus making it a 1X4 switcher.

“We noticed sometimes guitar players and techs with smaller rigs may only be looking to run wireless receivers on channels 1 and 2, along with a hard cable and mute on channels 3 and 4. In this case their needs just don't warrant using all 6 channels of our 1×6” says company president Eric Roberts.

“With our convertible option, they can still have the same great quality offered by our 1X6, like silent switching and top notch components, even if their needs are smaller. And the price is obviously lower for the 1×4 option, which is always a plus” he adds.

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The converted six way switchers to four option will retail for: $299.95 And they come with Audiotech Guitar Products standard two-year warranty on all parts and labor.

For more information you can reach Audiotech Guitar Products by logging on to

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