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Audiotech Announces Revamped TB-2 Treble Boost Pedal


Audiotech, makers of guitar effects pedals and audio switching devices, has announced news of their all new revamped TB-2 Treble Boost pedal.

Expanding on the design of their TB-1 Treble Boost Pedal, the TB-2 will produce the same high end treble boost/gain tones (ala Queen, Eric Clapton's Blues Breakers and early Judas Priest) in addition to providing a footswitch control for bypass and LED status indicator. By lowering the Treble/Boost control the TB-2 can also be used as a footswitch able clean boost. The TB-2 can be used as a stand alone unit in front of any clean amp or run into a dirty amp to achieve slightly more gain, presence and brightness. The individual Treble/Boost control makes for easy, fine adjustments.

“Many of our customers wanted our treble boost, but with a couple more features like a bypass footswitch and LED indicator,” says president and chief engineer Eric Roberts. He adds, “We're always listening and are happy to provide what guitar players need.”

Designed to be rugged and road worthy, the TB-2 is housed in a heavy-duty cast aluminum enclosure. It features genuine Audiotech True Bypass switching. One 9V battery is required. It also comes with Audiotech's standard two-year warranty and will retail for $149.95. Look for a mid 2006 release.

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