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Audiofile Engineering Announces Version 2.0.0 of Sample Manager


January 12, 2005

Audiofile Engineering is officially announcing version 2.0.0 of Sample Manager.

Many new features have been added including comprehensive AppleScript support, a first for any audio batch processor for the Macintosh. Also, you can now have multiple “browser” windows and save windows as Sample Manager documents. Other new features include full support of ACID files, “crop” around an audio selection, “snip” to remove audio in a selection, and support for common metadata fields with all audio files. As always, the performance and stability are rock solid.

Sample Manager is a full-featured Batch Audio Processor for Mac OS X. Its features include:

  • Full support of AIFF, WAVE, Sound Designer, ACID and Apple Loop audio files
  • Partial support for Recycle (REX, RX2 and RCY) files
  • Supports any sample rate or bit depth
  • Supports any number of channels
  • Supports interleaved and split channel files
  • Files are sortable by any parameter
  • Detailed waveform view of the selected sample as full wave, rectified or averaged
  • Detailed file and audio info
  • Detailed batch editing of MIDI, beat-related, or “metadata” info
  • Batch processes include Change Gain, Fade, Trim, Reverse, Convert, Split, Mix, Join, and many others
  • Extract parts of audio files by thresholds, slices or regions
  • DSP processes support all formats, bit depths and sample rates with auto-dithering
  • Process audio through multiple Audio Units
  • Auto-saving of files in-place, with additional options for file saving
  • Highly advanced and detailed Loop Editor
  • Unlimited undo
  • AppleScript support
  • Multiple “browser” windows, saveable as documents
  • Export to MP3 format
  • Offline waveform cache
  • Optimized for G4 and G5 with AltiVec
  • MIDI and varispeed playback of the selected audio file

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Sample Manager is priced at $69. Upgrades for registered users are $19

Audiofile Engineering is also planning Wave Editor and Audio Analyzer applications for future release.

For more information, visit their web site at www.audiofile-engineering.com

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