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Audio Ease Releases VST Wrapper 4.1 for Digital Performer


November 19, 2004

This long awaited upgrade of the VST Wrapper adds the ability to set preferences per VST plug-in and it eliminates almost all drawing glitches, even in VST Plug-ins that resize their windows. Support for Native Instruments has improved.

VST Wrapper 4.1 wraps VST Plug-Ins and Effects to become Native Digital performer MOTU Audio System (MAS) plug-ins, not Audio Units.

The VST Wrapper 4.1 supports multiple outputs for instruments, VST bank and preset saving and loading, Sample Accurate MIDI timing, Beat lock and Parameter Automation.

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The VST Wrapper 4 costs $69.95 on-line at Audio Ease, and includes version 3, which loads VST plug-ins and instruments in Digital Performer 3. Upgrades cost US$39.95. The upgrade is free for everyone that purchased the VST Wrapper3 after november 15, 2003, and it is free for every version 4 owner.

There is a demo that emits a little blip once in a while. The Demo can be unlocked with a registration number that the user receives immediately upon purchase at the Audio Ease on-line store.

For more information, visit their web site at

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