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Ashlee Simpson and Fiona Apple

Ashlee Simpson and Fiona Apple


Regarding the Ashlee Simpson article,

The one harsh reply misses the point altogether as it is not about the artistic merits of Ashlee Simpson but rather what a live sound company has to put up with as far as the demand for certain pieces of gear is related. In that regard it was a revelation to those of us, in the business, that don't do that for a living. Personally I found it extremely interesting and enlightening and could care less who or what Ms. Simpson does or how well.

Ben Taylor
OmniClassic Recording

I agree, more or less, with the published commentary concerning Ashlee Simpson. But- now you have an idea of just how you, the music consumer, are viewed by the business at large. The insult is only now realized- it's been there all along, for those of you who haven't noticed!

I will forgive Ashlee for walking off the stage, and for blaming her “musicians” for the debacle- because I should. She is just a person, after all. But she's “fired”, and that's real. The idea that she could call herself an artist represents, at this point, a grievance.

Roger Vaughan

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First off, allow me to say how much I enjoy your newsletter. I'm not a professional engineer, just an amateur musician trying to record his own stuff, and I always find at least a few pieces of invaluable information in it.

Secondly, let me say how pleased I was when I was skimming through this most recent collection of articles and found the piece on Fiona Apple and Sony. I cannot say enough how strongly I agree with your opinion. The “star-system” of major record labels, along with what seems the entire entertainment industry, seems to play the public for chumps, shoving what they deem as worthy entertainment down our throats, while encouraging us to ignore the multitude of other quality artists out in the world.

Hopefully, with the easy means of global communication the internet has made available, the star system will one day be a thing of the past… Or, at least, somewhat.

Thanks again, Mr. Mellor, for being so informative and honest. Keep up the excellent work!

Daniel Byrnes
Philadelphia, PA

David Mellor

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