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ASA3000 Active Antenna Splitter from Sennheiser

ASA3000 Active Antenna Splitter from Sennheiser


At NAB 2005, Sennheiser will introduce the ASA3000, an active antenna splitter for multi-channel wireless microphone systems. The unit is designed to simplify any engineer's job with a convenient, compact package that introduces no signal loss and eliminates the need for signal boosting circuitry.

Previously only available as a bulkier, customized unit, the new streamlined ASA3000 single rack space device may be used to combine up to 16 channels of Sennheiser 3000 Series receivers, configured as eight EM3031 single channel, eight EM3032 dual-channel or EM3532 dual-channel true diversity receivers.

The broadband ASA3000 may be operated across the entire UHF range or may optionally be fitted with selective filtering for more focused, narrow band operation across a micro-frequency input range. The unit provides DC power to the antenna head amplifiers.

U.S. MSRP is $1,750.

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