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Arturia MicroFreak now available

Arturia MicroFreak now available


It’s time to pass the MicroFreak from our hands to yours – switch it on and see why it lives up to its name.

What is MicroFreak?

A 4-part paraphonic synthesizer with a twist, mixing wavetable and digital oscillators with a characteristic analog filter. There’s the unique poly-aftertouch flat keyboard, sequencers and arpeggiator, the matrix, and a host of connectivity options.

It’s been designed to be fun, naughty, easy-to-use, and a blank canvas for the sound designers.MicroFreak is here to break all the rules. It’s fun, inspirational, different, yet affordable enough to find a home in any studio.

The MicroFreak is available to purchase at any authorised Arturia dealer.

Street price $349/299€

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Hear MicroFreak in action in our latest performance video.

Learn MicroFreak deepest secrets in our tutorial series.

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