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Artesia's Xpad offers 16 light-up pads

Artesia’s Xpad offers 16 light-up pads


MI and audio leader Artesia announced the arrival of Xpad, the newest member of the Xkey family, which will be available in Feb. 2020.
Artesia’s Xpad is made up of 16 RGB (light-up red, green, blue) pads and 6 pad banks, with 6 programmable rotary encoders and 6 assignable buttons, enabling musicians to navigate and set all parameters. The product has the same appearance and ultra-mobile, slim design as its older sibling the Xkey. Great for any mobile applications or where space constraints are an issue. Xpad is packed with cool features to enable mobile musicians to custom control their instruments.
In addition to production applications, the velocity and pressure-sensitive pads are great for playing virtual instruments live on stage. Plus, the pads offer “aftertouch” that adds new levels of expression and control.

Artesia Xpad Features:

16 velocity and pressure-sensitive pads with 2-color LEDs inside
Pad bank buttons with 2-color LEDs to switch 3 independent pad banks
6 encoders to send continuous controller messages
1 bank button with 2-color LED to switch 3 independent banks of the pot
Edit button (single LED) for each pad or encoder to change the note number or value
Type button with 2-color LED to set encoder cc/pitch/aftertouch or pad note/program/MMC
USB to host

About Artesia Pro Inc.
Artesia Pro Inc., headquartered in Southern California, produces musical instruments, MIDI controllers and audio products for the creative community worldwide. Artesia is a leading seller of digital grand pianos in North America and a leader in electronic instrument production, including ultra-mobile controllers, music production, mobile pianos, digital pianos, electronic percussion, audio gear and educational games. Artesia products are sold and distributed in more than 58 countries worldwide and played by a wide spectrum of amazing musicians, from beginning students to concert hall legends. For more information, please visit

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