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Are you blind? Can you help other blind home recording studio enthusiasts?

Are you blind? Can you help other blind home recording studio enthusiasts?


If you are blind, then you will probably be using screen reading software to read this. Screen reading software seems to work quite well as far as I know – one of my ex-students was perfectly able to keep up with his sighted colleagues in that respect.

Another guy that I interviewed and accepted for a sound course, although I didn't teach him myself, could see, but only up to a distance of a couple of inches. He went on to become technical manager of a major recording studio.

But operating digital audio workstation software without sight? That doesn't seem possible. Audio used to be an aural and tactile experience in the old days of mixing consoles and tape recorders, but it is extremely visual now.

So, the question… a Audio Masterclass reader who is blind is looking for a solution for recording, editing and mixing. A way of making recordings of fully professional quality that doesn't rely on being able to see a monitor screen.

Over to you…

If you are blind, do you have a solution? If you work for a manufacturer or software developer, do you have products that can help?

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Click the link below to send us your suggestions. We will publish all helpful replies received by September 30, 2008.

Thanks in anticipation…

David Mellor

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