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Apple iMac G5 – the new best music computer?


The Apple iMac G5 is among Apple's 'domestic' range of computers, in contrast to their professional range, simply known as the Apple Macintosh G5. As a domestic computer, the Apple iMac G5 benefits from a significantly lower price tag, coupled with style features that make this computer a joy to have in the home, rather than an ugly box.

The main feature of the Apple iMac G5 is that the display and CPU (central processing unit) housing are integrated. In fact, Apple propose the question, “Where has the computer gone?”. Well it's obvious if you consider how thick the unit is. Even so, it is an interesting development.

The benefit of the Apple iMac G5 for music is that it is lower in price than the regular G5, largely because it already comes with the display and you don't have to buy one. Also, the G5 processor that it contains is significantly faster than the previous iMac's G4.

There are drawbacks however… since this unit is very compact, there are no PCI slots. This means that you cannot add a soundcard; you have to use an audio interface connected to the USB or Firewire socket, or use the iMac's own audio inputs and outputs.

Also, there is some fan noise. Although this is well managed, since inevitably you will be sitting quite close to the source of the noise, you will hear it to an extent. With a standard G5 computer, you can put the CPU unit under a table where the fan noise will be masked.

Since Apple have a reputation for taking audio seriously, in combination with its other excellent features, the Apple iMac G5 can be recommended as computer for music.

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