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David Mellor

David Mellor is CEO and Course Director of Audio Masterclass. David has designed courses in audio education and training since 1986 and is the publisher and principal writer of Adventures In Audio.

Monday April 10, 2006

It seems like so long ago that I first mentioned Apple's move to Windows. Way back here in fact.

Scroll down the page and read the abuse, insults and flames. Oh, and the occasional useful contribution too (bearing in mind that reasoned disagreement is always useful). There are more here...

But the comments it make clear that there is absolutely no possibility that Apple will move even one inch from their own operating system, OS X, to Windows.

But then things started to happen. First there is a competition for ethical hackers to get Windows working on an Intel Mac. And they do.

And next...

And next........

Apple makes it official! Steve Jobs announces a public beta version of Apple's 'Boot Camp' software that makes it possible to run OS X and Windows side by side on an Intel Mac.

Wow indeed. Suddenly the most desirable computer hardware on the planet is able to run the operating system favored by 94% of the world's population. The fact that Apple's share price rose significantly on the announcement demonstrates that the business community regards this as a sound move.

But it still doesn't answer the question whether Apple will convert to Windows. Dual booting is one thing, abandonment of OS X is another.

But now that a Mac can run Windows, one has to wonder whether the major software developers will see any point in OS X. Will Adobe, for instance, make a version of Photoshop for OS X when a Mac owner can simply run it in Windows.

For a timeline of possibilities, see here...

So, it's time for apologies. All those who had nothing but abuse, insults and flames when I first mentioned the possibility of a link between Apple and Windows, please submit your apologies below...

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