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Apogee Releases Standalone Mode Feature for Ensemble Interface

Apogee Releases Standalone Mode Feature for Ensemble Interface


Apogee Electronics Corporation has released Stand-Alone Mode firmware for Ensemble, Apogee's digitally controlled, multi-channel audio interface. Stand-Alone Mode allows Ensemble to function without being connected by FireWire to a Macintosh computer.

“We are very pleased to announce the availability of Stand-Alone Mode for Ensemble,” says Betty Bennett, CEO of Apogee Electronics. “Given the flexibility the firmware update will offer, professionals now have the power to choose how and where they want to use their Ensemble.”

Ensemble's Stand-Alone Mode At A Glance:

  • With Stand-alone mode, control panel, routing and low latency mixer settings need only to be configured in Maestro once, at which point the settings remain operational despite the absence of a host computer. All front panel controls remain active
  • Ensemble may be used in a wide variety of new configurations, including conversion between analog and optical and/or S/PDIF coax
  • Changes to routing or settings in Maestro still require connectivity to a Macintosh computer

Availability: Now Available

For more information, visit their web site at

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