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Antelope Audio Launches Isochrone Digital Clocking Hardware Line

Antelope Audio Launches Isochrone Digital Clocking Hardware Line


Igor Levin, the mind behind the AardSync, has now created the Isochrone line of digital clocking products for Antelope Audio, their next generation of digital clocking hardware. The Isochrone OCX master clock and DA sync distribution unit are now available.

The Isochrone DA is a powerful clock distribution solution. It the first clock distribution unit that reclocks the distributed signal according to the company. More than simple amplification, reclocking utilizes the benefits of Antelope's Jitter Management Module, which all but eliminates jitter. The DA can be used to add outputs and improve the sound of a studio's existing clock generator, or used in tandem with Antelope's OCX for unparalleled performance.

The Isochrone OCX is a master clock that achieves low-jitter, high-stability performance with an Oven Controlled Discrete Transistor Crystal Oscillator. It's widely known that discrete Microphone Preamps provide lower noise and better quality, and this same principle applies to studio master clocks. To further ensure consistent performance, the oscillator is oven controlled, providing the clock a temperature stable environment. Other master clocks use integrated circuit based oscillators, and address temperature in ways that compromise oscillator performance, if addressed at all.

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Isochrone also introduces the ability to slave the entire studio to Atomic Clock. Previously limited to engineering environments, the accuracy of Atomic Clock can now be harnessed in the studio.

Additional features include: Freewheel protection to maintain lock if the incoming signal drops out, a wealth of inputs and outputs supporting multiple formats, and simultaneous output of multiple frequencies.

MAP pricing:

  • Isochrone OCX: $1250
  • Isochrone DA: $900

For more information, visit their web site at

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