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Analogue Baby decides that 88RS is the only choice

Analogue Baby decides that 88RS is the only choice


“We decided that the only console worth buying is the Neve 88RS, this is because of its unparalleled audio performance and versatility. We could have bought an 80 series vintage console but the only desk choice in a world class commercial facility is the 88RS. The desk marries together sonic quality with a format that any professional engineer recognises, not to mention DAW control. The beauty of the 88RS is that if we are recording strings then it is beautifully open and transparent, if we are mixing a metal album then we can patch in some vintage modules and really drive it hard to get classic warmth.

One person who we really look to when it comes to advice on equipment is renowned producer and engineer Pete “Pee Wee” Coleman. Pete has been a familiar face at Jellyjam and when complete will often be found driving the 88RS at Analogue Baby. Pete has worked on 80 series and V series consoles and is itching to get behind the latest generation console! Pete has worked on various types of music from heavy bands such as AC/DC and Black Sabbath to pop acts like OMD and The Christians not to mention scoring projects like Letter to Brezhnev. Pete Loves the warmth of Neve consoles and has said that with an 88RS, CLASP and an A800 he is looking forward to making some amazing sounding albums!

Our new facility has been designed by the world renowned Roger D'Arcy of Recording Architecture. The 60 channel 88RS will sit in a 500sqft control room. It is a perfect mix environment for stereo and 5.1 work. Our aim it to put the north west of England firmly back on the map for musical creativity. With the 88RS's scoring pedigree, and local orchestras hungry for work, we will not only be making albums but will be the place to mix audio for music video, computer games, TV and film.”

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