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Amptweaker SwirlPool Jr. tremolo vibe pedal

Amptweaker SwirlPool Jr. tremolo vibe pedal


The Amptweaker SwirlPoolTM Jr Tremolo/Vibe pedal is the latest version of their popular SwirlPool, and has most of the same features shrunk down into their Jr-sized pedal platform. It uses the same all-analog circuitry, which is reminiscent of the synchronized Tremolo and Vibrato circuits common in some vintage 60’s amplifiers, and it can duplicate may other modulation tones as well as inventing some new ones!

The blended tremolo and vibrato circuits share a common LFO, and there’s a Sync switch to slide the two waveforms apart. This phase between tremolo and vibe creates all kinds of variation to the effect, from dramatic sounding synced sounds with heavy pitch-shift to swimmy out of phase tones where the tremolo and vibe sound like they’re alternating. There’s also a Surf switch that converts the harmonic pitch shift vibrato tone into more of phaser tone that’s great for all kinds of 70’s sounds that are still commonly used today.

A special footswitch circuit allows you to press/hold the footswitch to lock the SwirlPool Jr ON, and tapping the footswitch again accesses a second speed setting on the side of the pedal. There’s an internal switch that allows the second speed to kill the Tremolo for Vibe-only tones, and there’s even a trimpot to adjust ramping between the two speeds for rotary speaker tones.

As with most Amptweaker products, the SwirlPool Jr runs on 9V to 18V where 9V can create some soft compression and 18V provides the maximum clean headroom and dynamics.

Amptweaker is at Booth 2939

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