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American DJ Releases The Jet Stream Fogger

American DJ Releases The Jet Stream Fogger


American DJ has announced the Jet Stream Fogger, an exciting new fixture that shoots a high output of smoke straight up in the air like a volcano.

Similar to a pyro-type effect, this high-flying fogger creates a thick cloud of perfect fog that settles naturally from the ceiling down onto the floor. It marks a major advance over other fog machines that disperse bottom-heavy fog too low to properly fill a venue.

“The Jet Stream Fogger gets your fog up off the ground and into the air where it belongs,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “Complete floor-to-ceiling fog coverage is more realistic-looking and dramatic than fog that just lingers at your feet all night. It makes all of your lighting effects, especially ceiling-mounted centerpiece fixtures, look bigger and better.”

The 1,300-watt Jet Stream Fogger blasts a vertical output of 7,000 cubic feet per minute — enough to envelop any dance floor, stage or nightclub with thick, atmospheric fog. It operates on standard fog juice and includes a 4-liter removable fluid tank. The unit requires a quick 5-minute warm-up time before it can operate at top capacity and efficiency.

Lighting users can control the Jet Stream Fogger at the DJ booth via a standard DMX-512 unit, or by using the supplied Timer Remote from virtually any spot in the room. DMX operation gives control over the fog output rate, while the Timer Remote lets you adjust the duration, output and interval-length of fog production.

Compact and easy to transport, the Jet Stream Fogger measures 11.5″L (295mm) x 11.5″W (295mm) x 7.5″ (190mm) H and weighs 16 lbs. (7 kg). The suggested retail price of the Jet Stream Fogger is $239.95.

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