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Alt and Modern Rock Drums III Released

Alt and Modern Rock Drums III Released


With nearly 700 MB of 24-bit grooves for today's rock styles, Alt and Modern Rock III features a versatile combination of contempory drum grooves and feels.

Featuring more than 530 24-bit drum loops and 128 multi-velocity drum and cymbal samples organized in song-building folders with loops for all song elements: verses, choruses, fills, bridges, breaks, intros, and endings.


  • 60-160 BPM tempo range
  • 11 Song Building Loop Sets
  • Straight 4/4, Half-time feels, syncopated feels, and more
  • Fills, One shots, Single Hit samples included.
  • Two and four bar loops for enhanced drum track realism.
  • Bright, punchy modern drum sounds pefect for today's rock
  • 531 royalty-free, 24-Bit, acidized .WAV format loops.

Ebook = Equipping Your Home Recording Studio
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