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Allen & Heath Launches Third Generation of MixWizard Range

Allen & Heath Launches Third Generation of MixWizard Range


April 4, 2004

At the Musikmesse show, Allen & Heath introduced the next generation of its MixWizard range of multi-purpose compact consoles.

The new WZ 16:2 and WZ 12:2 feature a dedicated mono output fader, with innovative mode for control of aux fed subs, while the WZ 14:4:2 builds on Allen & Heath's pioneering dual functionality and boasts a 6×2 matrix, a unique feature for a compact mixer.

Sporting a stylish new look, all models now have a new mic preamp design and advanced grounding scheme, which enhance sonic quality. WZ also feature individual phantom power switches, channel signal indicators, lamp sockets and backup supply capability. Internal configuration options for channel aux sends and direct output are now on pluggable jumpers for user convenience.

Allen & Heath is also launching the LEDlamp, an 18-inch, 4-pin XLR gooseneck console lamp containing a built-in thumbwheel dimmer. The lamp replaces traditional filament console lamps with more user-friendly cool white light and has the additional advantages of lower heat discharge and less current draw. The lamp is compatible with all ML series, PA series, GL4000 desks and the new MixWizard range.

At the show, Allen & Heath also displayed its ML series of live sound Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) consoles, GL series of dual function live sound consoles, the iDR DSP range, the PA series of stereo live portable mixers and the acclaimed series of Xone DJ/club mixers.

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The recently launched Xone:92 is at the forefront of the range and renowned experimental DJ, Richie Hawtin, along with the top German DJs Chris Liebing, Mathias Kaun and Luke Sun, were invited to demonstrate the mixer's potential on the stand. Available in either rotary or linear VCA fader options, this 6 channel mixer (4 phono or line with 2 mono/mic or stereo return) can be used across all DJ styles. One of the major new features is a MIDI controller output, to manipulate virtually any piece of outboard equipment such as the Korg Kaoss Pad, and sequencing software such as Ableton Live.

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