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Alesis Unveils XGuitar at Summer NAMM


July 25, 2004

The XGuitar made its debut in Nashville at the Summer NAMM show,
a guitar with DSP technology built-in. Whether for stage, studio or practice,
the new XGuitar provides loads of sounds without a pile of pedals.

The XGuitar is a full-scale electric guitar that features 80 editable guitar
presets in one package, including headphone and line outputs. All of the presets
can be user-configured using the 9 effect modules and 8 different signal routing
possibilities. Featues include 28-bit effects- Delays, amp, and cabinet models,
chorus, transposition EQ, Noise reduction, flanger, reverb rotary speaker,
a built-in digital tuner, one humbucker and two stacked single-coil pickups,
plus a five-position pickup selector switch, master volume and two tone controls.
The XGuitar can run up to 30 hours of operation on 4 AA alkaline batteries.

For more information, visit their web site at www.alesis.com

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