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Alclair Audio releases world's first electrostatic custom in-ear monitor

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Monday June 18, 2018

Electrostatic speakers have been a fascination for audio lovers and critical listeners in the audio world. Their ability to reproduce a wide frequency response with very low distortion is highly regarded. One of the challenges of electrostatic speakers is the need for a transformer to charge the device. This has made it difficult to fit into a small form factor such as those needed for in-ear monitors and ear buds.

Alclair Audio, no stranger to innovation, has produced the first in-ear monitor that features electrostatic drivers with an internal transformer. The Electro six driver electrostatic hybrid in-ear monitor is built for dazzling clarity with four balanced armature drivers and a dual electrostatic tweeter.  While designed for studio and audiophile customers, the addition of dual low end drivers provides plenty of headroom for stage applications.

The clarity and frequency response of the electrostatic drivers gives the Electro outstanding clarity and depth. The hybrid design ensures every nuance of recorded music is present for the listener to enjoy. A wide soundstage allows mix engineers and producers to place instruments not only left to right but further or closer to the listener in depth as well. Reverbs are lush and vocals articulate. The electrostatic tweeters in the Alclair Electro make it a truly remarkable and innovative industry first sure to impress. The balanced armature drivers provide low end heft and stage, studio, and audiophile users.

Continuing Alclair Audios commitment to appropriately priced in-ear monitors, the Electro is now available for a street price of $1499. Alclair Audio will have the Electro electrostatic hybrid along with all their other in-ear monitors available to demo at Summer NAMM in Nashville at booth 444. Please visit for more information.

Alclair Audio is based in Osseo, MN, just outside of the twin cities. Built upon a legacy of custom hearing protection, custom in-ear monitoring, and silicone impression materials, Alclair Audio has developed a reputation of outstanding sound and build quality, as well as phenomenal customer support. Contact Alclair Audio at or visit the website at

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