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Akai Professional Introduces The MPK49 USB/MIDI Performance Controller with MPC Pads

Akai Professional Introduces The MPK49 USB/MIDI Performance Controller with MPC Pads


Akai Professional proudly introduces their new USB/MIDI performance controller: the MPK49.

The MPK49 is designed to unleash musical creativity on-stage or in a home studio setting, and defines a new era for USB/MIDI controllers. The MPK49 builds on the huge success of the MPD24 by combining a high-quality, 49-key, semi-weighted, aftertouch equipped keyboard with 12 MPC-style drum pads. 48 total pads are accessible via 4 pad banks. The pads feature the popular MPC Note Repeat function and Swing parameters. The MPK49 performance controller also features its own built-in arpeggiator for making quick creative riffs. These features make the MPK49 an ideal solution for anyone wishing to have powerful hardware control of their digital audio workstation (DAW), software plug-ins, or virtual instruments.

Unique to its class, the MPK49 delivers a full suite of controls that include:

  • 8 full-sized, 360 degree rotation pots, each with 3 banks for 24 pots total
  • 8 full-sized sliders with 3 controller banks for each for 24 sliders total
  • 8 assignable backlit switches with 3 controller banks each for 24 switches total
  • MMC/MIDI Start Stop transport buttons
  • Large, easy-to-read custom LCD display

In addition, the MPK49 includes a Tap Tempo function, 32 presets in which to store preferred settings and the flexibility of either master or slave-to-MIDI clock operation. The MPK49 was engineered to give musicians the tools they need to meet any live or studio task and is backed by the legendary Akai Professional name and rock-solid build quality.

“The MPK49 is the next generation of USB/MIDI controller,” says Akai Professional product manager Glen Darcey. “Built-in performance features like the Arpeggiator, Note Repeat and Tap Tempo set this far apart from the competition. Note Repeat with Swing is already a staple in R&B, hip-hop and electronic music production, so we have brought that classic MPC feel to this amazing new keyboard.”

The pads on the MPK49 feature the legendary MPC-style Full Level and 12 Level velocity function. MPC Swing can be applied to both Note Repeat and Arpeggio functions for additional creative control. Tap Tempo and time-division buttons allow for real-time control of Note Repeat and Arpeggio clock speeds. The MPK49 carries an amazing total of 72 assignable controls with assignable inputs that include an expression pedal, footswitch, pitch bend and modulation wheel.

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