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Active Subwoofer Added to TAPCO Lineup


October 27, 2004

Just one year after the launch its TAPCO S*5 and S*8 Active Studio Monitors, LOUDTechnologies is introducing the new SW*10 Active Studio Subwoofer into the TAPCO family at this year's AES Convention in San Francisco. Like the TAPCO S*5 and S*8, the new TAPCO SW*10 also benefits from the same design expertise that has made the Mackie HR Series studio monitors.

The SW*10 features the same construction and distinctive industrial design as the S-Series monitors. The on-board amplifier supplies the 10-inch woofer with a 120 watts of continuous power. Rear panel connections include one pair of XLR balanced inputs and one pair of RCA unbalanced inputs. Stereo high-pass outputs are provided in the form of XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced. Input sensitivity and polarity controls are provided as well.

The SW*10's sophisticated 4th-order, 24dB/octive Linkwitz-Riley crossover that is variable independently from 55-110Hz on both the left and right channels. Ray Tantzen explains, “By providing independent crossover controls for both channel 1 & 2, the SW*10 can be multi-purposed in a 5.1 configuration. Channel 1 can receive a summed 5-channel input that is set to a crossover point that best complements the speakers in your surround system and channel 2 canreceive the LFE input with a separate crossover setting (usually 80Hz – 110Hz).”

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The TAPCO SW*10 will be available in early 2005 and carry a manufacturers' suggested retail price of $419 USD. TAPCO S*5 and S*8 Active Studio Monitors are currently available from authorized TAPCO dealers.

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