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Acoustic B300C and B600C bass combo amps combine classic tone and high output for gigging bass players

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Tuesday November 20, 2018

Acoustic® Amplifiers is proud to announce the new C-Series B300C and B600C bass combo amplifiers. These do-it-all amps pair the classic, organic, soulful Acoustic tone with all the power and features modern working bass players need to tackle any stage or studio gig.

Thanks to efficient and clean Class-D power amplification, both models are able to pack enormous power output into a rugged and easily transportable form factor. The B300C delivers 300 watts to a 15-inch ferrite speaker, giving players copious low-end tone using just a single driver paired with a piezo horn tweeter. The B600C feeds 600 watts into a pair of custom-voiced 10" ferrite speakers along with a piezo horn tweeter, providing even more power plus the quick transient response musicians expect from a 2x10" cabinet. In addition both models can be used to drive additional external cabinets to expand the rig as needed.

Like all Acoustic C-Series amps, the B300C and B600C can be used in either a straight vertical orientation for maximum projection to the audience or as a tilt-back wedge suitable for precise personal monitoring at rehearsals, recording sessions, or live performances.

For tone shaping, the B300C offers a five-band EQ, a convenient Shape switch with a variable notch filter to dial in those important midrange tones, and a Blendable Overdrive circuit that allows the player to mix clean and overdriven signals. The result is maximum flexibility of tonal options that work for a wide range of styles and genres. The B600C offers identical features but with a six-band Graphic EQ plus Hi and Low EQ controls for precise tone shaping.

Further sound-sculpting tools common to both models include Acoustic's renowned Acousti-Comp™ switchable compression for control over performance dynamics, plus Super-Hi and Super-Low EQ boost switches. A direct XLR output may be switched as pre-EQ or post-EQ, and includes its own level control and ground lift switch. This makes for worry-free connection to a mixer or stage snake without the need for a direct box to eliminate the ground hum that can occur in so many performance venues. A 1/8-inch headphone output lets the player plug in headphones or ear buds for quiet practice, and a 1/8-inch stereo mini input jack allows connection of a smartphone or computer for playing along with their favorite songs or online tutorials.

Both the B300C and B600C feature an effects loop for connecting effects pedalboards, a Link (preamp) output for daisy-chaining multiple amps, and a Neutrik SpeakON® connector for powering an additional passive speaker. They also provide a -10dB input pad to help the player adapt to different pickup or pedalboard output levels, as well as a mute switch that is useful for tuning and for silencing the noise of cables being plugged or unplugged from the input jack.

Whatever a bass players' gigging needs may be, the new Acoustic C-series B300C and B600C ensures they can adapt their tone to any musical genre and performance environment, sound great doing it, and have a tough, road ready rig they can rely on for many gigs to come.

The Acoustic B300C is available for $449.99 and the Acoustic B600C for $549.99 at Guitar Center, Musician's Friend, Music and Arts, and Woodwind & Brasswind. For more information about Acoustic Amplifiers, visit


About Acoustic Amplification

The Acoustic® Amplification company was established in 1967 and has been producing renowned amps sought after for their enormous tone and power. For over 40 years, many players have trusted "The Pro's Tone" for their signature sound, both on stage and in the studio. Acoustic offers an ever-expanding line of stringed-instrument amplifiers, including their Class-D/Neo Series bass amps, Lead Series electric guitar amplification and A Series acoustic instrument amplifiers. You can learn more about the complete lineup of Acoustic products at

For more information contact: Acoustic Amplification, P.O. Box 5111, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359.

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