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Acorn Amps debuts the Petito

Acorn Amps debuts the Petito


Acorn Amplifiers is proud to release the Petito, a 7 watt all-tube amp designed to deliver unparalleled guitar tone in one sleek, compact enclosure. Inspired by low wattage tube amps of the 1960s like the Ampeg Jet and Fender Champ, the Petito is a unique circuit designed by Acorn founder and head engineer, Tyler Petito. “I was experimenting with octal (8 pin) preamp tubes for this design. What we ended up with was a super versatile low wattage combo that can take anything you throw at it, genre-wise.”

The Petito sports a tube compliment of one 12AT7 and one 6SN7 preamp tube, a single 6V6 power tube, and a GZ34 tube rectifier. The control panel displays a straightforward yet versatile Treble, Mid, Bass tone stack, and features a Volume control that adds more and more pleasing harmonic tube gain as the decibel level rises. Available as a head or 1×12 combo with the amp side- mounted next to a 12’’ WGS Reaper speaker, the Petito is a perfect marriage of new yet vintage, classic yet unique.


    • Original circuit design, not a copy or clone of any other amp, hand built and hand wired by obsessive compulsive perfectionists in Atlanta, GA
    • Tube saturated, harmonic guitar tone at bedroom/studio volumes
    • 7 all-tube watts from one 12AT7 preamp tube, one 6SN7 preamp tube, one 6V6 power tube, and one GZ34 rectifier tube
    • Built using individually measured high quality audio-grade components
    • Compact and lightweight baltic birch enclosure housing as a head box or combo with a 12’’ WGS Reaper speaker

The Petito is available now starting at $1,275 at and select retailers in the Southeast.

Acorn Amplifiers is the premier up-and-coming amp company in the Southeast. Also a full service repair shop, Acorn Amps services thousands of amps each year while still designing and building an ever expanding line of music gear, including tube amps, effects pedals, speaker cabs, and attenuators.

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