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Acorn Amplifiers releases the Circuit Fuzz pedal

Acorn Amplifiers releases the Circuit Fuzz pedal


With the all new Circuit Fuzz, Acorn Amplifiers has debuted the first effect pedal that provides a bonus effect pedal PCB right on the face of the pedal. Two for one! Perfect for the guitarist interested in building their first effect pedal or a seasoned tinkerer that mods every piece of gear they own. The removable PCB is a simple boost circuit that can be built into a separate pedal or incorporated into the Circuit Fuzz itself. Build instructions available at

The Circuit Fuzz pedal itself is a deceptively simple yet versatile dual transistor fuzz that sweeps between overdrive, distortion, and fuzz tones with the turn of a single knob. Simplicity in design, yet versatility in action – these are the goals of each circuit designed by Acorn Amps and the Circuit Fuzz is no exception.

Follow this link for a demo of the Circuit Fuzz in action:

Features include:

  • Hand built and hand wired from start to finish by obsessive compulsiveperfectionists in Atlanta, GA
  • Removable boost effect pedal PCB right on the face of the pedal
  • Two transistor fuzz pedal featuring one silicon transistor and one hand-pickedNOS germanium transistor
  • Assembled entirely with high-quality, audio grade components and ruggedlatching foot switches and metal Switchcraft jacks

The Circuit Fuzz has a street value of $149.00 and is available now at and select retailers in the Southeast.

Acorn Amplifiers is the premier up-and-coming guitar amp and effects pedal company in the Southeast. Also a full service repair shop, Acorn Amps services hundreds of amps each year while still designing and building an ever expanding line of music gear, including tube amps, effects pedals, speaker cabs, and attenuators.

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