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Acon Digital Media Updates Studio Time DirectX Plug-Ins

Acon Digital Media Updates Studio Time DirectX Plug-Ins


Acon Digital Media announced the public release of Studio Time 1.5, a collection of DirectX compatible plug-ins for tempo and pitch modifications consisting of the StudioTime plug-in for time stretching and StudioPitch for pitch shifting with optional tempo and timbre preservation

Version 1.5 offers further improvements in the time stretching engine and a completely redesigned user interface. The optional timbre preservation in StudioPitch was enhanced and now gives an even more natural sounding result when transposing music or speech.

Both plug-ins are based on Acon Digital Media's time scale modification technology. The algorithm maintains the original phase coherency in stereo or multi-channel recordings. It is not limited to one special type of audio material and works well for both rhythmical and tonal audio material as well as for complete mixes according to the company.

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The plug-ins support multi-channel audio up to eight channels, including 5.1 and 7.1 surround formats. Both PCM formats (up to 32 bit resolution) and floating point (IEEE 32 bit) formats are supported.

Price and Availability

Studio Time is available for $119.00 (USD) as electronic software delivery. A demo version and audio examples are available online.

For more information, visit their web site at

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