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"Above The City" by Ratcliff Bailey

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Thursday November 30, 2006

Ratcliff Bailey is Tim Ratcliff and Ken Bailey, long-time collaborators who work out of The Upper Green, our personal Studio in Ironton, Ohio, USA.

We use a Tascam 2488 24 Track hard disk recorder, fed thru a rack of equipment, including an MPA Gold Preamp, a Furhman EQ, a SBC Enhancer, a TC Electronics M350 effects unit, and a Behringer Composer compressor and noise gait.

We use a Seinnheiser e822 and a Shure SM57 dynamic mic for instruments, and the vocal mics are condenser mics run in x-y stereo configuration, an AKG Perception 200 and an Audio Technicia AT335.

We use a vintage 1979 Gibson ES335, a Gibson SG, a Rogue 5 string bass, A yamaha FG331 acoustic guitar, various keyboards, and a vintage 1983 Mesa-Boogie Mark II guitar amp. We also use a Digitech DX1 effects board, drums, and various percussion instruments.

We have written and recorded over 170 songs to date, including the song we are posting called "Above the City", which was completed in April of 2008.

Tim writes about ninety percent of the lyrics, and Ken handles the instrumentation. We work in the Rock, Blues, and Pop formats. We also are the featured artists on Westfield Radio, a live 365 station,, broadcasting twenty fours hours a day, and featuring invited guests.

We're planning on releaseing our second CD in the June 2008 time frame. We would like to thank for the opportunity to post our original music, written, recorded and presented by Ratcliff Bailey.

Further information is available at

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