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Abaltat Releases Abaltat Express Soundtrack Composition Software

Abaltat Releases Abaltat Express Soundtrack Composition Software


Abaltat, a provider of radical music software solutions, today announced the release of its new Abaltat Express, an affordable software solution that provides all the tools video editors need to compose and arrange a soundtrack. To provide professional results at an appealing price point, Abaltat Express leverages the interface, workflow, and powerful composition engine of the company's highly acclaimed Abaltat Muse™, the industry's first video-driven soundtrack composer.

The workflow for Abaltat Express is straightforward. The user simply drops a QuickTime® file of the edited video sequence into Abaltat Express, clicks “Compose,” and selects parameters for composition. The soundtrack is composed in a matter of seconds, and the arrangement can be refined through adjustment of keyframes on the timeline. Once the project is complete, it may be exported as an .aiff, .wav, or MIDI file.

Abaltat Express comes bundled with three free Abaltat Bands: Atmospheric One, R&B One, and Ensemble. For a limited period, Abaltat is also bundling these three bands and a further four bands—Minimalist One, Minimalist Two, Dub Reggae, and Percussion One—with both Abaltat Express and Abaltat Muse. A special upgrade price will be offered to users who wish to upgrade from Abaltat Express to Abaltat Muse.

“This software will wow anyone who works with video,” said Siun Ni Raghallaigh, managing director at Abaltat. “With powerful, proven technology; an easy-to-use interface; and seamless compatibility with Final Cut®, iMovie®, GarageBand®, and Logic®, Abaltat Express offers an affordable entry into the world of software-aided soundtrack composition without having to be a musician.”

Abaltat Express is available for download or in hard copy for 350 euros per single-user license. A 14-day free trial is available to download.

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