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A recording studio is a service-providing industry...

A recording studio is a service-providing industry…


A recording studio is a service-providing industry. This manifestation of the enthusiasm for 'joined-up government' seems to be in a fragile state. We recommend audio and video drives should not be journaled.

The aim is to create a believable natural sound environment for the player. The result is perhaps a more fecund and broad musical subculture than at any time since the mid-90s. A bit budget involves a good deal of maths and several rules of thumb.

Good image and bad music will only work for a short time. Ideally what you want is both to be good. The security audit form may act as a wake-up call for studios. The professional audio industry seems to be a consistent mismatch with everything else.

The noise within a poor quality video signal upsets the encoding kit. You can apply for a visa as long as you can afford to do without your passport for three months.

The brief was to supply a system that could record 152 tracks plus a backup. After 1997, the new government embarked on establishing a much more touchy-feely relationship.

When Pro Tools is open, all three lights (locked, speed cal, remote mode) should be solid.

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Recording Drums

Recording Drums

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