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A pair of idiots let loose in the studio - with VIDEO!

A pair of idiots let loose in the studio – with VIDEO!


A pair of idiots let loose in the studio – with VIDEO!

A short video showing how not to behave in the studio. This pair of idiots even find what they do funny.

It would be a sensible precaution if the door to every studio had a large sign on it saying, “No Drinks Allowed!”

Well in the practical world that just isn’t going to happen. But to keep your studio in good working condition it would be best to keep drinks away from the equipment. Or at least put your cup or can down on a surface that is lower in level than the surface on which the equipment stands.

Yes I know, we all break this rule all the time. How close is your drink to your expensive laptop right now?

But to spill your drink right next to the equipment, see drops of liquid fly everywhere, and then laugh about it, well you would have to be an idiot.

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So here we have it, a pair of idiots in the studio…

P.S. This commercial is for a bank. Like many banks around the world, they gambled their depositors’ money and lost it all. They had to be bailed out by money provided by UK taxpayers.

P.P.S. I’ve been reading the comments for this article and apparently some people think I don’t realize the whole thing is acted. Yes indeed, two very competent actresses are playing the roles of idiots, and playing them well. The real idiots are the people in the advertising agency, and presumably the people from the bank who deal with advertising, who think this kind of thing is funny. It isn’t.

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