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“A New Pearl Harbor (dj) ROYCE” by (dj) ROYCE


(dj) ROYCE has been mixing since the drinking age was 19, and he just keeps getting better. In 2005 while working on a new radio station with a good friend he started a radio show called THE RETRO REMIX DANCE PARTY with (dj) ROYCE. This show would soon be heard by a canadian producer / DJ who had a show weekly on SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO.

Soon he invited Royce to New York to do a guest DJ spot. But Royce did not do a RETRO REMIX SHOW, he came to New York with a new show called THE TRANCE MISSION which would soon be heard by the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, and DJ DAN. Who took the TRANCE MISSION to another level. A DJ TOUR named after the trademarked TRANCE MISSION show from (dj) ROYCE.

What made the show different was that each episode was created from an ongoing SCI-FI Fantasy story from the future. It was driven online by the listeners who contributed by writing their views and show ideas in the TRANCE MISSION BLOG.

Royce signed an exclusive contract with SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO for 43 shows, aired weekly on Saturday Night 12 Midnight ET. – That was PRIMETIME for a southern DJ who had never even mixed a radio show in his 18 years of being behind the turntables.

The show was nominated for “BEST NEW RADIO DANCE SHOW of 2005” and BEST DANCE SHOW
Beaten by DANCE DEPARTMENT (dj) ROYCE kept going coming back to SIRIUS for the 2006-2007 Mix year with another show that he called “THE SONIC CATHEDRAL” which turned out to be a PREQUEL to the TRANCE MISSION” this drove his followers crazy and the show got very ELECTROish. Sirius decided to move (dj) ROYCE to AREA 33 a station which featured a more underground type of show.

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In 2007 (dj) ROYCE released his first singles and then a compilation album called ULTRA SONIC 2007 which Ultra Records released on their label.

The SONIC CATHEDRAL held onto an average rating of #4 in the Country and #3 in the UK. Not bad but (dj) ROYCE wanted something more alternative.

In 2006 before creating the SONIC CATHEDRAL (dj) ROYCE went looking for someone who would image his style and compliment his show with their idea's. A Image Director if you will. He found that in Producer / Imaging Consultant & Voice over Guru Paul Avila.

“Paul put my show over the top” said (dj) ROYCE in an interview with DJ TIMES in late 2006. “I found that Paul Avila is the type of Producer who has to feel your idea and believe in it to really turn up his creativity, and when that happened watch out, he really goes the extra mile”

Paul Avila owns POWER VOICE MEDIA in San Jose, CA. and has been in the radio imaging and producing game for just as long as (dj) ROYCE has been in the mixing business.

The two would team up again in for the 2007-2008 show season with their biggest and most listened to show to date. THE RED THEATRE PROJECT, a show that was created to feature the soldiers in Iraq and at war all over turns into a “CONSPIRACY THEORY MEGA MUSIC MIX SHOW” says Mike McKinney of ALL ACCESS RADIO (a weekly ratings magazine). Turns out that while researching the war, both Paul and Royce ran into a news story on the war that got them more than curious. The news story talked about a documentary called “Loose Change 911”.

Royce having a son in IRAQ he was all ears listening to evidence of 9/11 being a possible INSIDE JOB.

RED THEATRE PROJECT was born and would be syndicated to cover more than 84 stations worldwide covering 18 countries and doing this from his studio in HUNTSVILLE ALABAMA.

The show is podcasted and is available online at or –

Dj ROYCE continues his show on a radio station near you!.

Further information is available at

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