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A fascinating and inexpensive multiple loop recorder for your iDevice

A fascinating and inexpensive multiple loop recorder for your iDevice


When the iPad first came out it wasn't clear whether it was going to be the start of something, or just a big iPhone without the phone. But actually what has really been the start of something has been the App Store. Well not the App Store as such, but App Store prices.

Where software developers used to be thinking in terms of $299 or $399, now they have to think more like $2.99 or $3.99.

Well here's an app that's a little more expensive than the norm, at $4.99. A price still low enough just to have a go and see what it can do.

You have probably come across loopers before. Here's one in action…

Could you do that? Well I couldn't either. Simply amazing.

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The looper here appears to be an Akai Headrush which will record a single loop and let you overdub to it. This normally results in either a miserably cacophony of worthlessness, or repetitive tedium. Well normally.

But what could you do with a multitrack looper, which the TC-Helicon VoiceJam app for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad effectively is?

You can layer up some sounds on one loop and get it how you like it. Then overdub to a completely separate loop. And you still have four loops left to work with.

One use of VoiceJam might be in generating ideas. When you can throw things together easily, then worthwhile stuff can emerge which you can polish up later. TC-Helicon also recommends VoiceJam as a live performance tool.

Clearly they are waiting for another KT Tunstall to show us the way.

Want to have a go? Well cough up your $4.99 on the App Store and get looping. Send us your work (or upload your own video to YouTube) and for the five tracks we like best, we'll pay you your $4.99 back (by PayPal, and we get to use your track in Audio Masterclass and Audio Masterclass. And we'll need WAV versions from the winners by the way.)

Contributions initially in MP3 or AAC format, or YouTube links, by March 1 to david.mellor @ (take out the anti-spam harvester spaces) please.

Who knows… you could be next to wear the pink skirt!

David Mellor

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