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“A cuerpo entero” by Los Futres


We recorded this using PC With Cubase SX 3.0. 24bit/96khz. Focusrite Saffire, Presonus Firepod, Art Pro Channel.

I wrote and arranged the song on the DAW using VST(i) for the drums, bass and keyboards, then recorded a vocal and guitar guide myself.

When having a rough mix it was given to the drummer and bass player to write their arrangements, then we did a session with the rough mix for guide, recording the bass guitar through the art pro channel; the drums using 8 mics (firepod's number of pre's): sm57 on the Snare, Shure Pg's on kick and toms,2 x pg81 for the overheads and a shure beta 87a on the hats (we had no other mic for that). Next thing was to bounce the keyboard parts to audio, recorded the Latin Percusion (congas, guiro and shakers using the pg81), the guitars (Boss GT8 through the ART PRO on mono), and the lead and backing vocals at last (AKG PERCEPTION 200 & ART PRO).

When started mixing we decided to record adittional vocals on the chorus .

For the mixing first we loaded 2 compressors on the main bus, a waves SSL compressor and a Waves vintage Compressor, then eq for the bass and extra compression (art pro has compression too) eq and comp on kick and snare (we used DRUMAGOG to trigger an extra snare sound), a comp as a send fx for the whole drums, eq a little on everything, a little automation, and wuala!!! 250 words exactly.

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No kidding. The last thing we did was to load a wave api graphic eq for “mastering” to add an extra spark and a little extra bass. I think that's it.

Thanks for listening.

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