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"5th 2nd" by Abel Soul

“5th 2nd” by Abel Soul


We are currently a four piece act.

The majority of our recordings are made at my home studio. This is in a former bed room with a Logic pro system at the heart of it. Logic is currently hosted on a Macbook pro with 4 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD.

I have a Yamaha 01X as my main audio interface. It has eight analogue inputs (although only two are XLR), phantom power and connects via Yamaha's (now discontinued) M-Lan system, utilising Firewire, rather than USB. The O1X also has a two in, two out MIDI interface and is a control surface for Logic, as well as other DAWs. It has motorised faders and can be used as a stand alone mixer, although this is something I've never had a need for.

I monitor through a set of KRK RP6 powered speakers, and can reference check on two pairs of hi-fi speakers which are connected to a separate sound system which also features a pair of Technics SL1200 DJ decks.

We tend to use two main microphones; a Sennheiser e840 dynamic, cardioid and a Behringer C-1, condenser, cardioid. These are maily used for vocals and acoustic guitars.

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Recently I've been using both mics on almost every vocal take. Sometimes a blend of the two, panned slightly apart and with different effects, can sound quite nice. Other times we just pick the best sounding mic for that particular take and run with it.

I also have a portable kit, comprising M-Audio Ozonic MDID and audio interface and MIDI controller, a laptop and a dynamic mic, which is great for capturing stuff outwith the studio.

The process varies from track to track and I (Robert) also occasionally record other acts.

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