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5-Octave G2X Joins Nord Modular Family

5-Octave G2X Joins Nord Modular Family


March 31, 2004

Clavia announced a new member to the Nord Modular G2 family at Musikmesse, the 5 octave Nord Modular G2X. The G2X has the same functionality as the 3 octave Nord Modular G2along with some additional features. The G2 Voice Expansion board, which doubles the polyphony, is fitted as standard. You also get two additional Modulation Wheels for even more real-time modulation possibilities. Each wheel features a LED which makes it more easy to view the modulation amount. The 5 octave keyboard features velocity and aftertouch just like the 3 octave model. The G2X is shipped with a goose neck microphone ready to be plugged into the XLR mic input on the front panel.

The G2X offers three separate assignable Modulation Wheels, Pitch Stick and Rotary Encoders to turn, bend and tweak. The 5 separate LCD displays on the front panel give an overview on your patch creation. In fact, the flexible user interface of the G2X takes real-time editing to a higher level. The G2X offers unique features like: Rotary encoders with circular LED graphs (the LED graphs instantly show the values of the parameters you choose); Programmable Parameter Pages (which guide you in your sound editing work and patch creation); Performance Mode (which make it possible to set up your own multi-patches from the 4 individual synthesizer slots on the G2X). Last, but not least, the Morph capabilities on the G2X offer enormous sonic variations. The G2's 8 Morph Groups per patch let you control sets of parameters from single internal control sources – and via MIDI.

Do you want to create your own reverb, delay or physical modelling instrument? It's all there. The RAM capabilities in the G2X make it happen. And the 4 analog Audio inputs including an XLR mic input with built-in amplifier give you plenty of room for inserting external signals.

The Modular G2 Patch Editor is easy work with. Hook up the G2X to your PC via the USB connection and you're in. The architecture and visual overview, including user-defined coloring of modules and color-coded module groups, make it easy to patch and “lay out” your sounds. Thanks to the real-time USB communication, the G2X immediately responds to your patching and follows your moves. Most of the modules are self-optimizing, meaning that they adapt their bandwidth to the patched signals. This opens up for big patches and greater polyphony. The flexible modules also make it easy to alter functionality without needing to replace modules. But if you want to replace modules, Clavia made that easier too: replace the module and the cables will “jump” to the corresponding connections on the new module. The Modular G2 Patch Editor comes with more than a hundred modules ready to be patched.

Nord Modular G2X features:

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Over 150 different types of flexible modules including Oscillators, Filters, Envelopes, Vocoder, Physical Modelling, Reverb, Delay, Frequency Shifter, Pitch Tracker, Sequencers, LFOs, MIDI modules etc, etc.
Voice Expansion board fitted as standard for double polyphony compared to the standard G2
Instant access to 120 patch parameters from the synth front panel makes it a breeze to tweak and edit your sounds in real-time
8 Patch Variations which lets you create and store 8 complete parameter setups per Patch for instant recall from the synth front panel.
8 Morph Groups per patch which lets you control sets of parameters from single control sources (Mod Wheels, Pitch Stick, Keyboard Velocity, After touch, Control Pedal etc.)
Performances (multi patch set-ups)
Internal audio and MIDI buses between the 4 Slots
MIDI modules for control and automation of external MIDI equipment
USB connection between G2X and PC Editor for real time communication
4 separate Audio Ins plus an XLR Mic input with built-in preamp allowing the Nord Modular G2X to work as a sound processor.
Goose neck microphone included
4 separate Audio Outs
Self-optimizing modules offer bigger patches and greater polyphony
Intelligent “module replace” functionality with preserved cable connections
Multiple Undo functionality in the Modular G2 Editor
5-octave velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard
Internal RAM for Reverb and Delay effects, Physical Modelling and more
3 freely assignable Mod Wheels with position LEDs, 1 Pitch Stick and 2 Pedal inputs
Large internal memory for storing Patches and Performances (multi patches)
Extremely compact patch file size (3 kB) for easy sharing
24-bit resolution and 96 kHz internal processing
24-bit, 96 kHz ADCs and DACs
The Nord Modular G2X is expected to ship in July and carry a list price of around 2.599 Euro.

For more information, visit their web site at www.clavia.se.

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