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Thursday November 30, 2006

NOTE: This seems to be a stray comment from one of our visitors. We have kept it for completeness.

I've hung on to my <24-bit gear because it is great quality. My converters use the same Ultra Analog Inc front end chips that Manley outboard used during their great years. 20bit 48kHz. Hooked up to 2 cascaded original 02R's (NOT 02R96)

I've put up with magazine experts banging on about bit depth and sample rate, and throwing over great gear in favour of the latest zillion bit googleplex kHz stuff perpetrated by the industry. I could never hear the difference, but my lugs are 55 years old.

But oh joy!! I read Chris Lord-Alge's interview in the latest SOS, and guess what? He still uses the ORIGINAL 3348, I'm talkin' about 16 bit 48kHz!!!

I mean right now!! in 2007!! WHY?? - because he thinks it sounds great that's why, and who would argue with him? have you seen his client list?

Suddenly, I feel in good company, and it feels sooo good.


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