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"1-4 sorrow" by vixen

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Our A&R department occasionally features music from our website visitors. Our visitors are invited to write a commentary about how their music was made. Sometimes their spelling isn't all that good.

Saturday November 17, 2012

I am a bass player first and have been playing for ten odd years have been producing for about 6 years I use a few different bits of software and hardware computer now is quadcore PC with a Hammerfall 9652 PCI card, Cubase SX3, Reason 4, Topaz 24ch desk, HHB monitors, Focusrite Liquid Mix, TC Powercore Firewire, SE Electronic,
Neumann, Shure etc.

The track you are hearing was made using Cubase and Reason, drums were programmed and played on a Drumkat and using the Redrum in Reason.

The bass was done in two bits - the verse part I played on my red TL 5 string bass which has had some EMG's bass pickup put in the bass when I first bought it.

The chorus bass part was played on the Subtractor when I play this track live with Vixen and the band I play it all on my bass. My guitar friend Timbo Jones played all guitar parts.

The keyboards were just the Rhodes sound coming from a few diffrent Rhodes patches.

I played the verse and Timbo played the chorus, vocals and backing vocals and all vocal layers were recorded on a Rode at the time.

When I was mixing down the track it was all going throught the desk and back in to Cubase on a stereo track so I could get the sound of the desk
mastering-ish was done using wavelab and the plug-ins on the Powercore :-)

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